2.5% - 4% Daily Profit

ETH cryptocurrency distribution Fund open source

Smart-contract: 0xe1e06b776abdb08dcb3c4cca7991e93853a44148

Lifelong payments

Revolutionary reliability

Minimum the contribution of 0.01 ETH

Deposit currency and payments-ETH
Technology smart contract revealed to humanity the ability to build a trusting relationship without involving a third party. This gives new, previously unthinkable opportunities in the field of Finance. Our automated model for the distribution of ETH cryptocurrency is registered in a smart contract and loaded into the Ethereum blockchain with the activated “refusal of ownership” function and now no one can affect its eternal Autonomous operation.



STEP 1. Register and replenish ETH wallet
We recommend a wallet for mobile devices Trust Wallet.
You can also use other wallets, such as MyEtherWallet.
STEP 2. To invest ETH under the 2.5% - 4% on the day
Send from ETH wallet to smart contract address 0xe1e06b776abdb08dcb3c4cca7991e93853a44148 any amount from 0.01 ETH. For payment transactions on the purse in addition should be 0.002 min. ETH. Recommended gas limits: 170000, relevant gas price can be taken with
It is not allowed to transfer from exchanges, only from your personal ETH wallet, from which you have private keys.
STEP 3. Verify and track transaction
Verify the success of the transaction in the history of your applications either on putting the address of your wallet.
STEP 4. Verify and track transaction
The accrual of your interest takes place in 24 hours from the moment of your last successful replenishment of the account, or successful write - off of your accumulated interest. You can get paid at any time by sending 0 for ETH smart-contract address. Recommended gas limits: 200000, relevant gas price can be taken with You can check payments on the website in the tab “Internal Txns” your wallet. For reinvestment, You must first remove the accumulated percentage of contribution (sending 0 ETH to the address of the smart contract), and only then make a reinvest.

10% advertising budget to attract new investors
How safe is that?
The smart contract, the algorithm of which the project works, is loaded into the Ethereum blockchain with the "relinquishment of ownership"function activated. That means no one else does not have access to it with the ability to influence its Autonomous operation. However, do not invest the latest and borrowed funds in the project.
Why our project?
Our contract has been audited and has no hidden code.
Why payments for life?
So it is written in the smart contract, no one and nothing can prevent it, because. It has activated the "relinquishment of ownership" function. Payments will continue, so far, there are funds in the Fund for payments.
What will happen to the project if the site stops working?
The site carries more information function if for any reason it stops work, it will not affect the daily payment of interest and acceptance of deposits.
What will happen to the project if its developers are lost?
The project is already initially fully Autonomous and lives in the network, the developers more they can`t influence him in any way.
Is there a referral program?
We do not have a referral program, as the % of payment comes from the General Bank, this negatively affects the contract as a whole.